More Fearing and Loathing……of AC

Haven’t blogged for awhile.  It’s been due to this dark, twilight-ish weather than has set upon New England in place of spring.  Usually this time of the year, I start to break out my summer tunes: lots of DMB, Grateful Dead, Marley.  The good stuff.  The sun has gone on a long vacation.  It left its sadistic cousin, rainy/cold/windy thing, to watch over us.  So I find myself wanting to permanently cocoon in my comforter, inhaling the sweet sounds of The Cure’s “Disintegration” (best album ever) or anything Radiohead.  Oh, it’s the spring of my discontent.

For inspiration and hope,  I’ve started to think up the upcoming DMB caravan tour.  I told my brother yesterday that I must be a super dedicated fan to commit to going into New Jersey and then Atlantic City on top of that.  There’s a yoga festival in Vermont that same weekend.  Nature, yoga, meditation, great teachers and some great music.  Instead, I chose loyalty to DMB.  Don’t get me wrong, I am psyched to do a festival and over the moon to see DMB.  I am having some fear around going to Atlantic City.  No, I’m not afraid because of all the stereotypes out there of this place.  My fear is more of an energetic one and one based stories of those who have caravaned to AC in ye olde past. 

So, I think to release this fear, I’ll just need to explore and write more about my feelings on this lovely blog site.  I will overcome this fear with frantic typing, run on sentences, made up words and the hope that I can only be as witty as Dave’s comments in the middle of a set.  Joy!


August and Everything After……..

Baffled.  Mystified.  There must have been another plan and it didn’t work out so this was plan b.  Plan baffled.  One summer.  Four festival shows.  And you put two of them near each other location wise?  And another two near each other date wise?  Hmmmmm……….I think I will mail DMB management a calendar (I think I have an extra DMB one around here somewhere) and a map.  See kids what happens when you smoke a some mj (side effect-disorientation to time) and eat the kind of mushrooms that you can’t buy in the produce section (side effect-disorientation to what planet you are on).  Just sayin……..

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Remember When…………

Do you remember when anticipation was a sweet experience?  Maybe almost mundane as year after year it was a one shot deal.  The dates arrived neatly tucked into one email.   The schedule was more or less predictable as were the venues.  On occasion there would something unusual: a new place or maybe a show would shift to a different month.  Or maybe we’d change it up a little by turning our tailgating to a gourmet grilling experience.  Or the year we went to Saratoga a day early to spend the day chasing band members with some success.  Remember when you didn’t lose your mind planning for the summer shows?  Ah, those were the days…….

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All I Have to Say

All I have to say is that I would like to vote for the August caravan festival to be at the Meadows or whatever that place is in Hartford.  That’s all I have to say.


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DMB, Modern Day Gypsies

Have you heard about these band of gypsies called DMB?  Their caravan of modern-day merry pranksters are heading to where all modern-day american gypsies want to go: Atlantic City. Hmmmm, where to start with this one.  First, here is a definition of  “caravan”: a group of travelers, as merchants or pilgrims, journeying together for safety in passing through deserts, hostile territory, etc.  Well, AC could be considered hostile territory if you are not from NJ.  My fear of NJ has only grown with due to viewing of a documentary of tribe of people who live near the shore.   I am thinking I need to assemble my own caravan before traveling down to ye olde casinoland, just to be safe.  Back to the definition, are the boys merchants?  Pilgrims?  Well, they sell some lovely live music sets. And Dave most certainly seems to be on some sort of magical pilgrimage.  Dude, just where are you going?

When I think of the word caravan, I think of gypsies.  I think of hippies and/or deadheads.  I think of the word bohemian, which makes me think about my other blog, the bohemian yogini.   I feel an early to mid 90’s post modern hippie-boho-gypsy kind of event coming our way in…..Atlantic City.  WTF?!  I am confused.  Camping?  Sure there is, down the road at some local trailer parks.  Tailgating?  No days/nights of grilled goodies and long line for scary portable  blue plastic peeboxes.  Casinos frown upon open flames and games that don’t cost you anything but your sobriety.   I am always open to new experiences, this should be an interesting one……..

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Yes, yes, we got some news and got a “save the date” email, just like you get for weddings.  So at least I know to clear up a weekend for the Northeast/Mid Atlantic show.   We still don’t have much info, but it’s a start.  I have a magic 8 ball app on my phone so I decided to use it to figure out some additional details of the four mini-festival dates.  Here is what I got:

Question: Will there be a show at SPAC?     Answer: Outlook not so good

Question: Will there be a show at Gorge?   Answer: Ask Again Later

Question: Should I pull out my camping gear?   Answer: Without a Doubt

Question: Is this going to be one of the old school festivals where people set things on fire like Woodstock 99?   Answer:  Without a Doubt

Question: Will Halloween become an opener?   Answer:  Concentrate and Ask Again 

So I shake and ask again…………Answer: Without a Doubt

Question:  Will drunk people try to punch me again?   Answer:  Outlook good

Question: Will there be a show at the Gorge?   Answer:  Concentrate and Ask Again Later

Question: Am I getting too old to do all this?   Answer: Most Likely

Question: But, the band members are all older than me, so how come it’s okay for them to do this and not me?   Answer:  Outlook Good

Question: So, are you saying that it’s okay for me to do this?   Answer:  My Sources Say No

Question:  Well, I am not trusting your sources since you are holding out on my about the Gorge    Answer:  Don’t Count on It

Question: Well, maybe I’ll just pull out my Ouija Board and get some real answers on this……   Answer: Yes

See what happens when you have to wait?  You start consulting the underworld via a droid app.  Yup, still young enough to do all this…….

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The Campaign

First of all, thanks to Antsmarching for pointing out that Dave and Eddie Vedder have played together before.  The thought of the two of them together on stage is like….heavenly.   Eddie nutty?  Really?  Where does that come from….is it from what he says at shows?  That’s the red wine talking.  Have you heard what Dave says at shows?  That’s,  well, many natural things talking at once.   Goodness, I can only imagine what the hell I would say or do if I was in the public eye.  Let’s all be happy I’m not.  But I am not here to debate, I want to campaign!

 Since both DMB and Pearl Jam are celebrating their 20 year anniversaries, shouldn’t they do something together?  There are many of DMB fans who also love PJ.   Deep dark secret-I was in love with PJ before DMB.  In high school I had quite a crush on Mr. Vedder.  My first PJ show was in 1994 out in Springfield, MA.  Mudhoney (love them!) opened and it was a couple of days before Kurt Cobain died.  My friend and I had a plan to kidnap Eddie and bring him back home.  We were hoping he would just sing for us.   Ten was one of those albums that defined my youth.  The lyrics and music were just the perfect blend for teen angst.   Oh the nostalgia……no wonder I bought some Doc Martens and flannel shirts recently. 

I didn’t see my next PJ show till 2003 but I always see those guys when they come around.   A couple of summers ago, I saw two PJ shows and two DMB shows in the same week….hardcore!   Thankfully they were shows down in Mansfield.  If they were Hartford shows, I would still be recovering.  So the campaign is to have both bands play something together, just a song will do.  I know that one band has traditionally fallen more under the “jam” genre and one is more “post modern punk” but DMB have been really rockin it lately and PJ have explored a mellower side.  Maybe they are ready to meet somewhere in the middle.

I can picture both bands on stage, Carter and Matt banging away;  Stefan and Jeff grooving ; a sick sonic guitar trio of Tim, Stone and  Mike; Boyd, Jeff, Rashawn and Boom weaving it all together and then those two other dudes strumming their acoustics and mumbling something into their mikes.  Let it be a festival where I can camp and continue to develop my hacky sack skills.   I can yell “yellow ledbetter” and the band that actual plays that song will be there to play it (though I enjoyed yelling it at the summer DMB shows).  Common ground? Neil Young, just cover some Young songs, it will all be good.  So let the campaign begin: DMBPJ 2011!!!!!!

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