Oh the Snow

12 Jan

As the post holiday blues (or bliss) set in, my attention is drawn one important task: obsessively tracking the weather, watching those beautifully churning blobs of color migrate up the TV or computer screen and then taking decisive action to plan for the snow event (or sometimes lack of).  This is normal behavior if you live in New England. 

So as another storm paralyzes me in my abode, I shift my thoughts to happier and warmer events: summer and shows!  But there aren’t any shows to think about.  Every summer is always planned around seeing DMB shows to the best of my ability.  What the hell am I going to do this summer? So I have been brainstorming ideas of things to do to fill my time (when I am not working, that is.  I do have to work to support my addictions of DMB and yoga):

Find Another Band to Follow: I really love PJ and I hear they are doing a festival to celebrate 20 years (oh my I am getting older).  How about a tour guys?  This is the band I have seen the second greatest number of shows, though nowhere near as many as DMB, but they tour a lot less.  One of my dreams is for Dave and Eddie to do some sort of acoustic song together, just once.  That would make my summer.  Phish?  Eh, I like them, but I don’t see myself following them.  All those crazy superfans who know all the words and can tell you the last time a song was played……oh.  MMJ?  That could work.  There are many great bands, but for me there just isn’t a replacement for the DMB summer concert experience

Follow the Band That’s Not on Tour: This is too creepy, even for me.  I could just “hang out” in the cities where band members live, figuring out their haunts, hoping they don’t actually take a real summer vacation.  I spent a whole day up at SPAC trying to track down band members this year.  We did meet Tim, just walking down the street.   Found Jeff but he was eating lunch with family so we respected that.  We sat next to some roadies at an outdoor café who had nothing but positive things to say about working for the band (not to me, to the person they were with).  So with a little more effort and creativity……..I really could spend the summer with the band, until the police kindly ask me to stop squatting in a tent in front of Dave’s house.

 Follow a Yoga Teacher: This would be great.  I could follow Shiva Rea or John Friend or some other teachers who tend to navigate the globe, bringing love and bliss all wrapped up in a yoga class.  Some teachers have live musicians during class, playing hand drums or a sitar.  There is a teacher down in NYC, Alanna Kaivalya, who posted on Facebook a couple of days ago her three favorite things after family and friends.   DMB was #3… my soul sister!  One big plus: I find that people at yoga events are much mellower and friendly than at shows.  And typically no one vomits during a yoga class. 

Chill: I could do nothing, just relax and enjoy the summer, visit with the husband and family.   Take up a new hobby, do some much needed work around my house, settling down in suburbia.   Yes, this sounds mighty exciting.

 I clearly have some work to do but I have time.  My mind today is just like the weather outside: fluffy, fuzzy and with limited visibility.

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