23 Feb

Yes, yes, we got some news and got a “save the date” email, just like you get for weddings.  So at least I know to clear up a weekend for the Northeast/Mid Atlantic show.   We still don’t have much info, but it’s a start.  I have a magic 8 ball app on my phone so I decided to use it to figure out some additional details of the four mini-festival dates.  Here is what I got:

Question: Will there be a show at SPAC?     Answer: Outlook not so good

Question: Will there be a show at Gorge?   Answer: Ask Again Later

Question: Should I pull out my camping gear?   Answer: Without a Doubt

Question: Is this going to be one of the old school festivals where people set things on fire like Woodstock 99?   Answer:  Without a Doubt

Question: Will Halloween become an opener?   Answer:  Concentrate and Ask Again 

So I shake and ask again…………Answer: Without a Doubt

Question:  Will drunk people try to punch me again?   Answer:  Outlook good

Question: Will there be a show at the Gorge?   Answer:  Concentrate and Ask Again Later

Question: Am I getting too old to do all this?   Answer: Most Likely

Question: But, the band members are all older than me, so how come it’s okay for them to do this and not me?   Answer:  Outlook Good

Question: So, are you saying that it’s okay for me to do this?   Answer:  My Sources Say No

Question:  Well, I am not trusting your sources since you are holding out on my about the Gorge    Answer:  Don’t Count on It

Question: Well, maybe I’ll just pull out my Ouija Board and get some real answers on this……   Answer: Yes

See what happens when you have to wait?  You start consulting the underworld via a droid app.  Yup, still young enough to do all this…….

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