My Love with MSG (the good one)

17 Dec

The holidays remind me of……my first DMB show at MSG: December 21st, 2002.  There were many firsts: first time I took Amtrak, first time staying overnight in NYC and first Halloween (second was the infamous 2nd nite SPAC).  James Brown was in the house for a memorable encore.  The band played some of my faves-Drive In, Pig & Granny.  Hey, they even played one of my least faves (sorry TSB).  Great show, great crowd energy, great venue.  And I was in the 400’s but didn’t care.  Danced and drank wine.   Eat, drink and be merry.

I currently live very close to a city that very, very, very much has a thing against anything NYC, possibly due to some sort of rival.  Sports-eh, pass.  Talked about obsessed.  How can anyone be  so obsessed about a group of guys running around with thousands watching?  What? Oh.   We have our own “Garden” up here, which is also a good place to see the band.  But MSG truly is a special place.

The second time I saw the band there was in April 2009 when they start their Big Whiskey tour.  Saw the first Spaceman (love!), Funny(rocks!) and Why I Am (Roi!).   Even better was seeing them at both nites at MSG in November.  Second nite in the piiiiiiiiiiiit!   What was impressive was the customer service we got in there.  They had vendors wandering in the pit,  selling beer (but not water).  Someone threw up (before show even began) and they promptly came into the crowd and cleaned it up.  Not cool were the “angry” people who tried to start fights-some guy yelled at anyone who stood to close and “bumped” him (seriously, you are in a pit!).  The other was a very drunk women who tried to take a swing at several of us for no real reason.  Whatever, somehow these things just added to the experience versus souring it. 

Going into the pit is a commitment and it’s easier if you are seasoned concert goer with experience at outdoor festival shows.  Listen, I was at Woodstock 99.  I still remember the night before the big riot, being near the rave, watching a Haagan Daz ice cream cart slowly burn.   Ice cream cart, burning.   Ironically, that was the first time I saw DMB.  The second time I saw them was several weeks later at the infamous riot at the Meadows (what is it called now?).  My co-workers at the time found it suspicious that every where I went that summer, things were burning.

Back to the subject- I just love NYC and MSG.  It’s so alive.  It’s a real city (please don’t hurt me bean people) that is alive 24/7, not till 1am.   We know the band loves NYC and MSG too and it shows in the shows.   I have placed a request with the universe to arrange for DMB to end their hibernation in 2012 with a string of MSG shows.   Like they say:

The space between
Where you smile and hide
That’s where you’ll find me if I get to go

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