A Little Bird Told Me…….

09 Dec

Do you follow Stefan on Twitter?  Do tweet him pathetic and obnoxious questions or statements, desperately trying to get his attention?  Do you feel slighted when he doesn’t respond, even he is a person you really don’t know and you are  another crazed DMB fan he doesn’t know?  Or maybe you carefully read each tweet, dissecting his statements, responses and retweets, trying to identify hidden clues to the future of the band or to identify just what lies at the core soul of this bassist.  Do you do any of this?  What?  You do?  Me too!

Well, not really.  I do read his tweets, wondering if I’ll  come across some info on him or the band before the masses, some glitter of hope as they move into a hibernation period.  I would love for him to respond to a tweet, but if he doesn’t, that’s cool too.   It is what it is.  And yes, I wonder what makes him tick, but that’s just a result of working in the mental health field for many years, having a mother who is a therapist and sharing an office with our agency’s clinical psychologist.  I like to figure out people.  It’s funny and interesting to watch people try to figure me out.

Anywho, I find Stefan’s tweets to be the following at various times: funny, sad, angry, crude, annoyed, excited, inspired……my conclusion?  Wouldn’t it be fun to look at some of his tweet’s for analysis?  No?  Can we just string a bunch of responses together without the questions to see what happens?  Here are randomly placed together tweets from last night prior to his bedtime (which I read as I awoke in the 5am hour EST):

I like to party like Bob Saget….when the sun comes up….I’ll be in  france surfing and get that call, umm, we have am opportunity… ball aviators!

See, isn’t that interesting?  Just what does this all mean?  I wonder if he thinks it’s weird that all these people he doesn’t know and really don’t know him follow his every word.  I’ll let you know……..

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