Setlist from Last Show for Now

21 Nov

Since I have been to a bunch of shows over the years, I sometimes forget when I have seen songs played or will debate with my brother the last time we saw a song played.  Last year (or maybe the year before) I remember debating with him during a  show that this was our first “Shotgun”.  He told me that I was wrong.  I told him I am never wrong.  I then did some research and apparently had seen “Shotgun” performed twice before.  Apparently my memory gets fuzzy sometimes.   So I decided to look at last night’s set list and research just how many times I have seen each song played (thank you Ants Marching and DMB Almanac for posting great data to help the fuzzy mind).

YMDT-15      Proudest-11     Satellite-17     Say Goodbye-6     FTWII-14     R & R-11     Eh Hee-6    

Crush-25     Can’t Stop-9   Corn-20     Digging-7     LIHOG-11     Jane-9     WAS-2     Why I Am-12    

LBV-2     What You Are-7    2 Step-25  Devil-7     Granny-12     #40-5 total (2 full, rest partial) 

Last Stop- apparently 4    Too Much- 18 total mix of full/partial    Bridge-11      Ants-28 (Winner)

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